Rice Cakes w/ Nut Butter & Banana

This simple, yummy breakfast is perfect for when you have about 1 minute to make breakfast and get out the door. I also like this breakfast before hiking, or when traveling or camping.



Grain Serving

  • 1 oz rice cakes (about 1 and a half)

Protein Serving

  • 2 ozย nut butter (I like Trader Joes peanut butter with chia and flax seeds!)

Fruit Serving

  • 1 banana

Maintenance Modifications

  • Grain Additions:ย Increase rice cakes to 2 rices cakes or 1.5 oz.
  • Protein Additions:ย Add more nut butter or nuts to reach 4 oz.

A word of caution: Nut butter is a heavier food choice and if you are in the weight loss phase, don’t eat this too often or it may slow weight loss. I eat this once or twice a week with no issues.

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  1. Hi Katie, Are we allowed to have rice cakes on the weightloss phase of BLE. I’m in Highland House and am looking at your ideas. Tracy

    • Yep! They count as a grain Tracy, so only for breakfast during the weight loss phase. You can have 1 oz, which is about 1 and a half of the normal big round rice cakes.

  2. I have found thin rice cakes, and four equal 1 oz. this is filling and lots of chewing. Which we need to feel full.

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