Peanut Butter & Berry Wrap

This breakfast idea comes from a Bright Line Eater who wished to remain anonymous. All photo and recipe credit goes to her. Many thanks to her for this wonderful idea!

This is also a great on-the-go or travel breakfast. I would probably use apples or bananas in that case, because they travel better than berries.

Β Note: Be aware that Ezekiel products are in a bit of a grey area in most food-addiction recovery programs. They are generally permitted but slightly discouraged or used with caution. Many of us find that this kind of thing does not trigger or derail us. If you are worried that it might, please use your own judgement and do what you need to do for your own program.Β Β 



Grain Serving

  • 1 oz Ezekiel tortilla (this is usually less than one tortilla, one whole tortilla works on maintenance.

Fruit Serving

  • 6 oz berries, bananas, or apples

Protein Serving

  • 2 oz peanut butter (or other nut butter of choice)
  • Or, split the protein with some yogurt for a crepe like breakfast!


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  2. Hi Katie, I just appreciate so much your recipes and pictures here. I have yet to make anything-tend to standby on my same simple and known foods but this bank of recipres gives me hope that someday I may step into the kitchen more and embrace creativity and love in my meal making and self care. I know in times past when I have had stretches of non working times I have enjoyed being in the kitchen, I know there is a way to do this while working too…just not there yet AND I love your blog and the hope it inspires! Jayne

  3. Thank you so much for the recipes!! I am a new to the BLE lifestyle and have found it more difficult than I thought it would be to find already put together meals. Your site is very much appreciated! Please keep us updated with other sites or places I could go to find things. Thank you!

    • So glad, thanks Marisa! I felt that way at the beginning too, I wanted more resources for meal ideas! Happy to help. If you follow the blog by e-mail you’ll get regular ideas and updates in your inbox. <3

  4. Deanna Anderson

    Thank you so much for your ideas and recipes, I’m on day 31 of BLE and have lost 10 lbs. I needed a little boost with creativity with our food since this will be my forever life change . Eating real food has given me so much energy.

  5. Katie your information is so appreciated! Please keep up the BLE ideas.