All-in-One Journals

At the beginning of my Bright Line Eating journey, I had a hard time juggling all the journaling and routines that were part of the program. There were so many that I got overwhelmed and temporarily stopped doing them. So, as many have done before me, I consolidated all the systems into my own customized journal to give me the most bang-for-my-buck.

I am the kind of person who if given a set of tools will immediately redesign them so that they feel like my own. I’m also crafty and a design nerd and love formatting things on the computer. I’m not sure why, but it soothes me. Each time I design a new journal or set of pages I think Ok, this is it, this is THE ONE. but it never works that way. What I keep finding is that after a few weeks or months of using that tool it starts to lose it’s effectiveness, maybe because the tools I need to leverage at a given time change based on what’s going on in my life. Or maybe it’s just the phenomenon of getting too used to something so it stops being effective.

Anyway, that’s why I find myself redesigning my journal every couple of months. I thought I would share the several incarnations of my journals and tools here, mainly for the purpose of giving you all ideas about how you might craft your own custom tools, but also in case you want to take and use them.

Feel free to download the pdfs, copy the google docs, edit them, or do whatever you want with them. Also, a couple of them are available to buy on, which is a service that prints and binds books really cheaply. That’s how I made most of my journals, and the links are down below if you want to buy one all nice and bound in journal format for about $10-12. It’s also really cheap to print pages out at home and bind them in a quick spiral bind at fed-ex for about $5.

These are presented in the order that I created them (and abandoned them). I’m currently using the one at the end of this post, but I’ve found all of these useful at one time or another. Have fun designing and creating! 🙂

Tool #1: Daily Commitment Journal

  • Link to printable pdf HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 8.37.26 AM.png

This was my first customized journal, and I found it simple and elegant.

The thing that is powerful for me about this system has been looking at, writing down, and reminding myself of my commitments DAILY. I spend 5 minutes writing in it in the morning, and 5 minutes at the end of the day.

Tool #2: Daily Commitment Pages (Version 2)

This one

  • Link to google doc HERE (click “make a copy” in the file menu if you want to edit)
  • Link to printable pdf HERE.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 9.00.04 AM

Again, the powerful thing about this format for me has been that it gives me the flexibility to decide my commitments on a daily basis, and my focus stays easily on TODAY. In the “Commitments for Today” spot, I always make a little checklist that includes meditation, perfect meals, etc, but then I can throw things in there like laundry, food prep, not spending more than $40 on groceries, not weighing myself until Sunday, whatever, and it gives me an accountability and integrity boost for other things outside of my food and program.

This 2-page per day, 60 day journal included:

  • Morning journaling space
  • Morning affirmations (For example: today I will move through the day with integrity, compassion, etc)
  • Daily commitment checklist
  • Daily activities/to-do checklist
  • Daily peace/hunger/food thoughts/cravings tracker
  • Evening journaling space
  • Gratitude list
  • Bedtime affirmation (Tomorrow I will wake up at ___ and do the following…)
  • Tomorrow’s food/meal commitment

I found the need to separate my actual commitments from ideas & activities for the day, because I was leaving boxes unchecked and that didn’t feel good. In that list I often put things like read a book, calling my mother, shoe shopping, or whatever I’d like to do that day that would be okay if I got to it tomorrow.

Tool #3: All-In-One Journal & Planner

  • Link to google doc HERE (click “make a copy” in the file menu if you want to edit)
  • Link to printable pdf HERE.

Daily Planner PagesDaily Planner Pages - Google Docs copy 2Daily Planner Pages7

This was yet another upgrade, yet another merger of all my lists, tools, journals, and materials, into a super-mega-all-in-one-daily-commitment-checklist-planner-journal-meal-planner-extrordinaire. This mega-tool includes:

  • Weekly Planner Pages with a Daily Spot For:
    • Day Number
    • Daily Task List
    • Gratitudes
    • Tracker for Hunger, Cravings, Peace
    • Tomorrow’s Meals
  • Weekly Goal Setting
  • Nightly Checklist
  • End-Of-Week Reflection Page Including:
    • Life Balance Tools
    • Reflection Questions (Successes/Challenges/Support)
    • Small Action/Behavior Planning
    • Weekly WOOP!
  • Weekly Meal Planner
    • My Food Plan
    • Weekly Meal Calendar
    • Grocery List
  • Blank Journal Pages

Tool #4: Daily Planner, Journal, & Reflection

  • Link to google doc HERE (click “make a copy” in the file menu if you want to edit)
  • Link to printable pdf HERE.

pg1pg6pg9This one is fairly similar to the previous one, but there is a lot more space and the weekly overview is bigger and more functional. I also made few design changes. I used the previous one for a couple of months and already found that I wanted to tweak it.

Tool #5: Nightly Checklist & Data Tracking SheetNightly Checklist Weekly Verson

This is my latest thing, I’ve recently simplified things down to a single sheet that lives by my bed on a clipboard. I realized I wanted to see my data in a little chart, to be able to see a snapshot of the week and track the bigger picture. That way, if I have a spike in cravings or something, I can look at my food journal and see what might be responsible.

Buy A Bound Copy

If you don’t want to deal with making your own or figuring out how to copy and paste my documents, you can buy a bound copy for $10 from by clicking HERE.

Daily Commitment Journals

This small all-in-one daily journal is designed as a tool for those in Bright Line Eating or other recovery programs. It contains space for weekly goal setting, behavior/habit tracking, daily commitments, affirmations, daily tracking of cravings, mental chatter, hunger, and integrity, a daily gratitude list, and space for writing down tomorrow’s meals.

Want the PDF versions so you can print and bind your journal however you like? I’ve also provided the links to the PDF versions below, available for download for $5.


I made two formats, they are pretty much the same except for the size. One is 5″ x 8″ and one is 6″ x 9″. Both are 8-week journals.

Daily Commitment Journal (6″ x 9″)

Click HERE to purchase this physical journal, printed and bound for $15

Click HERE to purchase this journal as a downloadable PDF for $5

Daily Commitment Journal (Medium) Pages (NEW).jpg

Daily Commitment Journal (5″ x 8″)

Click HERE to purchase this physical journal, printed and bound for $13

Click HERE to purchase this journal as a downloadable PDF for $5

Daily Commitment Journal (Small) Pages (NEW).jpg

I hope these examples inspire you to continue striving to make your program work for YOU!

In what ways have you simplified or adapted the journaling and routines to personalize them? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. How very kind of you Katie to share…thank you so much.

  2. Oh, thank you so much! I have been derailed because I am overwhelmed by all of the things I should be doing, but forget to do! This is such a gift to me!

  3. Victoria Doll-Polanco

    You are so clearly a teacher! As a teacher, I know many of us like to redesign sheets for kids, so I imagine you do that too. I’m guessing we’ll see a little less of you once the school year starts, but I really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  4. Thank you so much!!!! These are amazing!! You are so appreciated in everything you are doing to help me in my BLE journey!! I am a pen and paper gal and this works for me better than the iPhone app. You are priceless!!

    I hope a hard cover cookbook is in the works for someday in the future. I know you must hear the chatter too of people wanting to know if there is a BLE cookbook available.

    Thanks again!!


    Rexanne Williams

  5. Thnak you!!!!!!!!!! you’re amazing. So glad i found your website! I”m on day 11 of the 14 day challenge!

  6. THANKS for so generously sharing!

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  8. I love all these ideas!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us. 🙂
    P.S. I start BLE on Friday September 14 2018. 🙂

  9. Hi Katie!!

    I am so excited! I’m on my BLE day 7. Feeling good and looking forward to tomorrow’s weight in.

    I just ordered both of your cookbooks. Looking forward to their arrival!!

    I’ve been hearing comments on a BLE Plan on a $5 day budget, but I didn’t read anything like that on the book. As a BLE member, Do you know how I can get hold of it??

    Thank you for sharing your recipes and success! You’ve been very encouraging!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing. I finished the ble book today and really was feeling like where should I start!

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  12. Hi there! I am interested in your daily journal/ food planner…version #3…but I would like to make one tweak to fit my program. It seems that both links open a PDF version, but not a Google DOCs version. I am a bit technology challenged (LOL)! Could you please advise me? Thanks!
    I am on day 596 and like you, I am constantly tweaking my daily journals to fit where I am in my journey. I really appreciate all that you have done to make our community so vibrant! We are soooooo lucky, aren’t we???

    • Hi Gina, thank you for your sweet words! If a pdf opens then unfortunately, it’s not editable. There’s a couple links that are google docs, in which case you can click “make a copy” in the file menu to edit. If I were you and wanted to customize a pdf, I would just make your own from scratch in a fresh google doc, mine aren’t anything too special and should be easily replicable. 🙂