This is a nice change from breakfast oats, and is delicious with any of the accompaniments you would usually use with oatmeal or cereal. Check out this post for breakfast topping ideas!

This is a great breakfast for batch cooking! Make a big pot of quinoa at the beginning of the week and portion it into serving size containers or baggies for an easy grab-and-go, no cook breakfast for travel or busy weekdays.

Breakfast Quinoa

  • Servings: Makes 1 Serving
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Each Serving Contains:

  • 1 Grain Serving
  • 1 Protein Serving
  • 1 Fruit Serving


Grain Serving

  • 4 oz cooked quinoa

Protein Serving Options (MIX & MATCH!)

  • 1/2 oz hemp, flax, or chia seeds (1/4 protein)
  • 4 oz plant-based milk or yogurt (1/2 protein)
  • 1/2 oz nuts or nut butter (1/4 protein)
  • 1 oz nuts or nut butter (1/2 protein)

Fruit Serving

  • 6 oz breakfast fruit (check out this post for ideas)

Condiments & Spices

  • Pinch of cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom, be creative!

Maintenance Modifications

  • Grain Additions: Increase the amount of quinoa to 6 oz.
  • Protein Additions: Increase quantity of milk or yogurt to 6 oz and increase nuts & seeds & nut butter to 2.5 oz combined.
  • Fat Additions: Increase nuts or nut butter.


  1. Cook quinoa according to package directions.
  2. Drain and rinse quinoa. Enjoy it hot or cold.
  3. Add toppings and fruit before serving.

Note – the photo at the top of this post is my maintenance portion, I split my breakfast into two bowls and had BOTH of these for my maintenance breakfast! We get a lot of breakfast on maintenance, it’s awesome!!