I got an e-mail today asking if the PDFs were available for my Daily Commitment Journals, so that people could print them out and do alternative kinds of binding with it. Duh, of course those should be available, thanks Monica! 😉

So, in case you are interested, the downloadable PDFs for both journals are now available for $5.

CLICK HERE for the PDF of the larger one (6″ x 9″)

CLICK HERE for the PDF of the smaller one (5″ x 8″)

Daily Commitment Journal (Medium) Pages (NEW)

In other news, you may have noticed that I haven’t been putting out very many recipes lately. It’s because honestly I’m just not very interested in food at the moment. My food has been simple in service of my busy, interesting life and I like it that way for now. But, my creativity with food ebbs and flows so don’t worry, I won’t abandon you. Just having a bit of a recipe dry spell. That said, I am working up the courage to make some cooking demo videos and put those out into the world (for some reason this makes me nervous) so you can have that to look forward to. As always, if you have any recipes that you need help adapting (plant-based only please) or meals that you love, let me know, I could use a little inspiration.

Love always,