I stumbled across this post today from Minimalist Baker (one of my major plant-based blog crushes) and I thought you all would enjoy it. I’ve been thinking of trying to go a little lighter on the oils, especially since it frees up our fat serving for other goodies like avocado. She does a fabulous job of explaining an easy and delicious oil-free roasting technique. Check it out!



In other news, I am super swamped with schoolwork at the moment. Therefore, my maintenance cookbook production and recipe testing is getting pushed to the low priority list. My food for the next two weeks until I’m done with my exams needs to be simple, simple, SIMPLE! When my bandwidth gets taxed, that’s when I need that automaticity and new recipes are the opposite of automaticity. My projection hasn’t changed though, I still plan to get it finished and out to you by the end of June. 🙂