Hi beautiful fans and followers, you may have noticed that I haven’t really been posting any new recipes for a while now. I thought some of you might be interested to know why.

Keeping this blog for the past couple of years has been a wonderful way for me to share and support my recovery journey and to stay connected to the BLE community. But over a year into maintenance I truly don’t need to focus on my food anymore. Sabby’s mental chatter feels dormant for good (well, within a tolerable range) and I am really in a peaceful groove living Susan’s promise of happy, thin, and free.

My hope at this point is for Katie’s Bright Kitchen to fade into the background of my life. I want my site, cookbooks, and other resources to remain out there to benefit the future of this movement, and I encourage everyone to continue spreading my stuff around the interwebs.

I imagine I’ll still post once in a while if I come across something new or interesting or want to share any random musings, but I will not be actively maintaining my blog anymore. My well of creativity in the kitchen is drying up, and nothing sounds more appealing than moving into the backseat with you all as another bozo on this bus. I am really enjoying actually using my own cookbooks right now rather than working on coming up with another one.

My phase of blogging and cookbooking was exactly what I needed for a long time. It allowed me to create an excellent repertoire of meals and strategies, and really dive into the learning curve of this lifestyle. For those of you still in the throes of that learning curve, I urge you to hang in there, surrender, and trust that food neutrality and peace really is there waiting for you on the other side.

For those curious about my own program, I’ve settled into a maintenance groove with a food plan and set of custom bright lines that works for me and my susceptibility. Honestly, it doesn’t really look much like Susan’s program anymore. But I can say with 100% certainty that my program and my bright lines are serving me and I am confident that they always will.

So don’t worry that you aren’t hearing from me because I’m off in a deep dark hole eating a mountain of sugar and flour. You aren’t hearing from me because I am really, really well. And I’m moving on!

I’ll be around, feel free to send me messages on Facebook and Instagram, I will probably stay more active in those communities.

Be well!