The thanksgiving challenge I did on instagram during the Thanksgiving holiday this year was so helpful for keeping my bright lines bright that I want to do it again for the winter holidays.

As a 7 on the susceptibility scale, I know that can handle a little bit of flexibility with my food during the holidays, but my saboteur (aka my indulger) can get a little bit too excited and hijack the ship if I’m not careful.

When I eat off plan, I don’t go into a deep dark place or have wicked binges, it’s more that I get a little antsy or bored during unstructured days outside of my routine and I will indulge random whims and adopt a “well, why not, it doesn’t really matter” attitude. I can handle a mild ebb and flow of bright lines (or break/rezoom cycle) during other times of the year when I’m in my routine and can easily return to automaticity, but when I’m out of my routine, around lots of NMF, and outside of my own home and food environment, the ebbs and flows can easily turn into a steep, slippery slope.

The thing that helped me stay in integrity during Thanksgiving was accountability to deter me in those moments of decisiveness, when an antsy feeling, whim or craving popped up.

My feeling of accountability took the form of knowing that I had to post a picture of my meals publicly on instagram. As a result, I didn’t go overboard with quantities. I also was deterred from eating off plan because I set up a financial penalty to multiple people and knew that I would owe each of them $20 for each broken bright line. That just wasn’t worth it, and the risk/penalty aversion part of my brain was great at keeping my saboteur off my back.

I’m aware that right now, just as a result of writing this post, my saboteur feels disappointed and defeated. She tried to talk me out of it but she was clearly unsuccessful. She knows she doesn’t have a chance and should just hibernate for the next month or so.

So, starting Monday, I’m going to be posting all of my meals in Instagram/Facebook stories for 21 days to help me stay in integrity. I’m also going to set up my financial commitment contract with my buddies. It helps me so much knowing that other people are paying attention to what I’m eating, and having there be a consequence to deviating from my plan.

If you want to hop into the challenge, use the hashtag #bleholidaychallenge and join me!

How are you upping your support and planning for extra saboteur activity during the holidays?

Wishing you holiday cheer and bright shiny lines,