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Hi fans and followers,

Just a heads up, I’m taking a break from social media until further notice because I have noticed that it has become my new addiction and the thing that I do to avoid stepping bravely into the open space and time in my life. Today I realized how often I mindlessly check my social media accounts, and this is preventing me from spending my time and energy on things that I want to be doing. My indulger got pushed out of the food domain and into the screen time domain apparently.

I tried limiting my screen time with a variety of apps, but this feels like calorie counting for social media because it still drains willpower to resist the pull of the computer. Luckily, thanks to Bright Line Eating, I know what actually brings me freedom… a bright line!

So you won’t be seeing me on facebook or instagram for a while. I’m not sure when and if I will return to those platforms, I’ll have to see. My blog will still be here, and I might post occasionally if I feel inspired, but it’s time for me and my highest self to go forth and conquer.

See ya!