Hi friends,

Recently I was inspired by my dear friend Leslie who I met through Bright Line Eating several years ago. She was an amazing support for me in my first mastermind group, and continues to be in my inner support circle. She is a beautiful, inspiring leader and I am so grateful to know her.


Leslie is a retired registered nurse at age 26, a female leader in the coaching and consciousness industry. She is a career clarity coach, digital nomad, and entrepreneur, and she has traveled to 10 different countries on her own in the last 18 months.

Leslie has given me the opportunity to gift just 10 lucky people some complimentary coaching and support. If you resonate with getting support in:

  • Career clarity
  • Next best steps for you, your work, and life
  • How you can get more clients in a heart-centered biz you already have

Leslie has given me her survey link to share.


This link gives you access to a few questions (takes 30 seconds) for Leslie to gain more insight on you and your business so she can see how she can best benefit.

After you complete your questions, Leslie will be in touch with you personally with her complimentary support.

What a fabulous opportunity.

If you resonate with this message, access Leslie’s questions here (takes 30 seconds) and she will be in touch with you very soon!

Wishing you food freedom and vitality,