Top 15 BLE-Friendly (& Vegan!) Fall Soups

Happy Autumn! This is my favorite season for produce in the Pacific Northwest. The farmers markets are just so inspiring and bountiful.

Here is a roundup of all my very favorite BLE-friendly, naturally vegan fall soups. Enjoy!

Note that Bright Line Eating doesn’t advocate for blending soups (or blending food in general). A few of the soups on this list are blended, falling in that BLE grey area. Feel free to leave your soups chunky, partially purรฉe them, or fully purรฉe them. Honor your own susceptibility.

Also, see this post on my tips and tricks for weighing mixed category dishes such as soups.


  1. I love soups! And as soon as our weather cools down a little I want to try all of these! Thank you Katie!

  2. Thanks Katie! Are the BLE values posted somewhere?

  3. Thanks so much!