Joyful Eating Cookbook

Joyful Eating, my latest cookbook published in 2019, is comprised of 100+ delicious and nutritious recipes to bring health, joy, and freedom to all kinds of eaters. Inside, you will find:

  • 75+ new recipes not available online or in previous cookbooks
  • A few of my most beloved recipes, as chosen by readers
  • At-a-glance dietary/food sensitivity information for each recipe
  • 85+ Bright Line Eating compliant recipes with a convenient category and quantity breakdown according to the BLE female food plan
  • Measurements in both weights (lb, oz) and standard measures (cups, tsp, etc) for both BLE-ers and non-BLE-ers
  • Vegetarian recipes (mostly plant-based) with suggestions for optional dairy and egg add-ins where applicable
  • Two exciting new sections:
    • Breakfast Baking: Flourless and sweetener-free baked goods for breakfasts on-the-go, along with baking tips and tricks
    • Sweet Delights: Healthy, naturally sweetened desserts for those who enjoy occasional, mindful indulgences
  • Color photos for each recipe, printed on beautiful, glossy pages.

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My book is self-published and is only available through my blog, not in other physical or online stores like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It’s hosted, printed, and shipped through a self-publishing service called BookBaby. Books are printed and shipped on demand for each order, so they take a couple of weeks from the time of ordering to the time of receiving the book in the mail. Thanks for your patience! <3

β™‘ Gratitudes β™‘

A HUGE thank you to all my recipe tester volunteers!! Your feedback helped me SO much! β™‘β™‘β™‘

  • Mary Ann Flemin-Ruiz
  • Mare Masterson
  • Patricia Vandergriff  
  • Robin Henry 
  • Linda Berge 
  • Missy Reardon 
  • Lisa Kinderman 
  • Laura Simonelli 
  • Brenda Shiflett
  • Dawn Lewis
  • Lori Faith

And and EXTRA HUGE thank you to my mommy Isabel Gates, my feedback extraordinaire, word polisher, and copy editor. β™‘

A Sneak Peak Inside:

A few of the recipes you’ll find in the book:

The recipes in this cookbook are written to support Bright Line Eaters and compliant with the female BLE food plans unless otherwise noted (see above). While my content is not officially approved or supported by Bright Line Eatingβ„’, I am an experienced Bright Line Eater and take great care to make sure that my recipes are BLE-compliant and adhere to the quantities prescribed in the BLE food plans.


  1. I got an email indicating there was a 20% discount if ordered prior to 9/27 with coupon code foodfreedom2019. However there was no field to add the coupon code. The order number is SO90804113.
    The customer id number is CT91990238

    • Hi Holli, when you’re on the BookBaby checkout page, you’ll want to checkout as a guest. There’s a place for a coupon code on the same page you put your shipping address and such.

  2. I did check out as a guest and did not see that there. I actually backed out of it and tried again because I didn’t see it. I have already made the purchase. What do I do in this situation?

  3. Trying to order book, but it us not computing my 20% discount..

    • Hmmm. The coupon code spot is on the shopping cart page before you go to checkout. Did you enter the code foodfreedom2019? It all seems to be working fine from my vantage point. Are you using a computer? A few folks have had trouble trying to order using a phone or tablet.

  4. Hello Katie, there is no link that brings us to BookBaby. All links point to or The url is missing at Click HERE to register.

  5. Jenny Partridge Wiseman

    My Dearest Katie, from the minute I found Katie’s Bright Kitchen -YOU made my BLE journey possible. I started October 2, 2017, have lost all of my excess (45 lbs) weight and kept it off. I’ve ordered all of your cookbooks and just ordered the hard copy of Joyful. I could not have done, nor continue doing, this journey without your delicious, BLE compliant recipes. I also want to thank you for your insightful posts about your journey. I feel like I’m about 2 years behind you. Like you’re a graduate student, and I’m still a sophomore! :)) As a 10, I’ve found my research and experiments rarely serve me. :(! I still need to keep coming back to squeaky clean. I’m hoping as I learn more I might have a little more freedom like I see you do. No matter what ; I LOVE YOUR RECIPES and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for continuing to give us new ideas. With much love and respect, Jenny

    • Aww, what a wonderful message Jenny. Thank YOU so much for your kind words! Your journey is perfect exactly as it is! I hope you love the cookbook as much as I loved making it! <3

  6. Congratulations!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰