Blog Hiatus

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Hello dearest followers,

I’ve got a few announcements today!

You may have noticed (especially after my summer blogging and cookbook release frenzy) that I’ve been pretty quiet lately.

There are a couple reasons for this.

In October I made something of a crazy life choice, I quit my job, got rid of nearly all of my belongings, and decided to live and study abroad for a year in Japan. My husband and I are living in Kyoto right now, studying Japanese at a language school and taking some inward facing time. Long story short, we just felt like making a radical change.

Also, Instagram locked me out of my account for some reason and I can’t seem to convince them of my identity, so… I guess I’ll be taking a break from Instagram! 🙂 Maybe the universe is trying to tell me to take a nice long pause from the internet world and be fully present for my life abroad this year.

Living in a foreign country has been challenging, scary, wonderful, fun, and full of new learning and growth. For me, it’s been primarily about removing distractions and seeking clarity about what is important to me and what direction I want to take in my life.

Have you ever taken this sort of journey? Any advice?

And the food challenges… well that’s a story for another blog post.

And now for the stuff you really care about 🙂

Black Friday E-Book Sale!

I’m doing a short Black Friday sale on all of my e-cookbooks, Friday and Saturday only! Grab them HERE.

Also, while I’m mentioning Black Friday sales, do you know about my favorite company ever, Hamama? I am obsessed with their microgreen kits. They are so easy, dirt-free, so nutritious, and so delicious! They are running some great Black Friday deals but they are ending in a matter of hours, so hurry! Check em’ out HERE.

Here’s to new adventures!


  1. wishing you and your husband all the best in your courageous and insightful journey. Hope you keep us posted along the way!

  2. Dear Katie, I hope that all is well with you and your husband. You have brought so much joyful information to so many of us here through your blog posts, cookbooks, and BLE. You are a shining example of someone who lives what they believe. I wish you well and hope that you find what fills your hearts with peace and happiness in Japan. I look forward to hearing about the next stage of your life. Sending you love and hugs.

  3. Which cookbook did the ones in bootcamp starting in July get downloaded for free?

  4. I would like the actual book in hand. Not the computer one. How do I get those? Please

  5. Congratulations on taking this big step. I admire your courage. You’ll surely have an incredible experience! Keep in touch.

  6. Best wishes on your journey. My oldest daughter wants to do that too.

  7. I LOVE IT!!!! Way to be brave!!!! I’m a bit jealous… I like to jump and make radical changes… I just quit my job too!!! Wish you the best and thanks for all the awesome recipes!!!!

  8. Sounds like an amazing opportunity! I wish you well on your new venture abroad. I have benefited greatly from your blog over the past few years, and I want to thank you for all the work you’ve shared. I look forward to more posts in the distant future.

  9. Hi Katie! Long-time reader here.

    What you did is wonderful, courageous, challenging, heart-opening, a bit crazy and life-changing! I know exactly how it feels because I did the same thing in August 2018 – I quit my comfortable corporate job and moved to Japan to teach English. I now live in the Kanto area a couple of hours north of Tokyo. What a radical life change it has been. There is so much good food here (konbini sweets are my undoing), and it was hard to keep up with BLE, but I eventually did and lost -25lbs thanks to following the principles and using many of your recipes. I might visit Kyoto at the end of March to celebrate my birthday. If you’re open to meeting one of your blog readers IRL, then I’d love to meet up and exchange funny stories about life in Japan as a foreigner 😉

    All the best on this exciting new life journey!

  10. I love your recipes! I am new to bright lines, and your fun flavor and texture combinations are like a swift karate chop through the basic, disjointed, bland meals that I imagined when I pictured life without flour and sugar. I also live in Japan! Our family has lived here for over three years. I can’t wait to see how the flavors and textures here inspire you.