Do You Want Peace Around Over-Eating?

Are you caught somewhere between believing you need rigid rules around eating and sensing that you have the wisdom somewhere in you to eat in a way that supports a joyful relationship with food?

Do you overeat on occasion and feel bad about it?

Are you interested in building a mindfulness practice that will bring a powerful shift in your relationship with food, beyond what you typically think of as “mindful eating”? 

Then you really need to meet my dear friend Annette. After a short hiatus, she is back on Youtube making fabulous free content that can support you in your journey. It has certainly supported mine.

Annette is in recovery from compulsive over-eating (formerly identified as a “10” on the susceptibility scale in Bright Line Eating!) and is a certified mindfulness coach through the secular and science-based Unified Mindfulness System.

Annette deeply believes that food issues can be a profound gateway into deeper consciousness, tapping the wisdom of your Higher Self, and ultimately learning how to be optimally in service to others.

This week’s video is a curious and self-loving exploration of over-eating, turning what may be a challenging experience into a source of greater wisdom. 

Click below to watch her latest video: Over-Eating Wisdom Practice!

Drop a comment with your practice report to get feedback tailored to you – much like a yoga teacher making posture adjustments during a class, sharing your experience can open up an opportunity for Annette to guide you a little deeper in your practice. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve benefited from her specific guidance.

I’d also encourage you to sign up for her weekly email list, where she’ll keep you updated on video releases, special bonuses reserved for her email list, and limited intensive mindfulness coaching offerings when they become available.

If you sign up now she’ll send your a bonus 60 minute Feel Good with Music meditation practice. She points out it can feel indulgent to cultivate and focus on positive emotions, but as she puts it, every second you put towards a practice like this is a service to the world. It’s the difference between how you communicate with loved ones coming from a depleted state to an invigorated one. This is a practice that sensitizes you to positive emotion, brings new insight into what you love about music, carries forward into the world in immeasurable ways, and totally counts as a legit meditation practice! 

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Mindfully yours,

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