Conscious Eating Community (New!)

Hi fans and followers of Katie’s Bright Kitchen! I am excited to announce to you all my newest passion project! 🎉

I’ve collaborated with my good friend and mindfulness coach Annette James to create the Conscious Eating Community, an online community on an intentionally designed platform committed to developing loving relationships with food, body, and intuition through mindfulness and connection.

Our community is OPEN NOW for new members, a week earlier than we originally planned, and it’s already full of FREE, fabulous content! 🎁

We decided to launch early in response to the situation in the world right now, and have been very busy curating a week’s worth of valuable content around the theme “Calm and Cravings” which we’re offering to you 100% for FREE, to help you feel grounded during these uncertain times.

Click HERE to learn all about it! We’ve got an amazing line up of free workshops, events, and other content going on during this special launch week.

Katie’s Bright Kitchen won’t be going anywhere because I know it is a helpful and beloved resource, but I will not actively maintaining it anymore. My heart’s energy is over here now. Join us! ❤️




  1. I’m sorry, selfishly, that you are doing this Katie. I KNOW that I am a food addict and intuitive eating does not work for me. Thanks for all the recipes you have created for us over the years. I would like you to take me off of your mailing list please.

  2. Really sorry to see the recipes you provided for Bright Line eating. So delicious and so helpful to keep us out of getting stuck in a rut. It took amazing effort to keep that going. Best wishes with your new passion!