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Sugar & Flour-Free Meals to Nourish The Body and Soul

Katie’s Story

I’m Katie, and I am a middle school math teacher by day, artist by afternoon, and recipe enthusiast by night. This blog is about my journey with Bright Line Eating, and more generally about my path toward finding peace with my food and my weight.

I, like many in today’s environment of highly processed foods, am susceptible to the addictive properties of sugar and flour. For years, I struggled to find a moderation approach with these foods, but my weight and my mental obsession with what I was eating continued to be a problem. In October 2016, I found Bright Line Eating, and learned about the neuroscience of food addiction and drew a bright line, cutting many of the most troublesome foods out of my diet.

Creating firm, clear boundaries with my food has brought me profound peace and freedom. Through their bootcamp, I lost 70 pounds over a period of a few months. I have been maintaining my goal weight ever since, and continue to embrace and enjoy the process of learning how to live this lifestyle long term, one day at a time.

Left: Oct 2016 – 200 lb  Right: June 2017, 130 lb




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