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Katie’s Story

I’m Katie and I am susceptible to the addictive properties of highly processed foods such as sugar and flour, and a moderation approach with these foods does not work for me.

Left: Oct 2016 – 200 lb  Right: June 2017, 130 lb

In the same way a recovering alcoholic does not have even one drink, I draw a clear, unambiguous bright line with sugar and flour. Not on birthdays, not on holidays. I just don’t eat it.

Creating these firm, clear boundaries with food have brought me such profound peace and freedom. These rules have helped me lose over 70 pounds and continue to allow me to keep it off long term. 

I started eating this way in October 2016. It clicked with me instantly. It’s as if my body was desperate for it. Since my highest weight of 200 lb at 5′ 6″, I’ve said goodbye to 70 pounds and am feeling the best I’ve ever felt, living happily maintaining my goal weight range of 135-140 lbs.

To find out more information about the program and food plan that I follow, click here.

I’m relatively young but have struggled with my relationship with food since before high school. For as long as I could remember, I couldn’t seem to go for more than 2 hours without experiencing an urgent, all-consuming hunger, and I would frequently experience a loss of control over the food I was putting in my mouth. Food was my comfort, my drug that helped me numb difficulties in my life that I didn’t want to deal with. After graduate school to become a teacher and an extremely stressful first year of teaching middle school, it was clear that I wasn’t taking care of myself and I felt exhausted, defeated, and unhappy, and in 2015 I had reached my highest weight.


Creating clear boundaries around my food and eating has been truly transformative. Below is my ongoing list of the ways that this way of eating has impacted my life.

  • Food and eating takes up so much less of my mental and emotional energy. I’m never noticeably hungry or full, I just happily go about my day without thinking about food.
  • I have consistent, stable energy.
  • My integrity around food has carried into everything else I do. I’m doing yoga again, finishing projects, flossing my teeth, being disciplined about my budget, and so much more.
  • I have the time and space to do personal projects and hobbies again because there is so much time in my day when I’m not focused on eating.
  • I feel increasingly connected to and comfortable in my body.
  • I can’t hide from or numb difficult feelings with food and this has led to opportunities for personal, emotional, and spiritual growth.
  • I have established a beautiful and peaceful morning routine that leaves me feeling grounded and whole at the start of each day.
  • I find myself responding to other people (especially my students) more compassionately and effectively.
  • It’s fun to shop for clothes and get dressed!
  • I feel more spontaneous and social and find myself saying yes to things that I might have been too lazy or anxious to do before.
  • I have started dancing and doing yoga again which brings me so much joy.
  • I have more energy to put into my relationships and feel stronger connections to my family and friends.
  • My new habits are so automatic that at this point it’s easier to have a perfectly compliant meal than to reach for my old comfort foods.
  • I used to believe that I was hypoglycemic. That issue has completely gone away.
  • I enjoy 3 delicious, satisfying meals each day, with no hunger or food thoughts in between. I have so much more brain space now that is freed up for other things.

I cannot believe how lost I was in the food fog until it lifted. This freedom from food obsession and finally having CONTROL over my food and my weight is beyond incredible.

In addition to not eating sugar and flour, I follow two other firm boundaries with my food that have been extremely important to my success:

  • Eating only at mealtimes (3 meals per day, no snacking in between)
  • Bounding my quantities by following a food plan and weighing and measuring my food using a digital food scale.

To read more about my food plan and the breakdown of the recipes on this site, click here.

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