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Weighing Food

I eat according to a food plan that comes from the program Bright Line Eating. This food plan is broken into categories, and requires that our quantities food be weighed or measured. I use a digital food scale for this, which is why the measurements in this blog are usually given in ounces.


Most of us in recovery programs find that the easiest and most peaceful way to measure our food quantities is with a digital food scale. My favorite is an OXO scale with a pullout display. Measuring in weight, not volume (meaning ounces on the scale instead of cups or Tbsp) is recommended. Volume measures can work too, as long as you stay consistent.

There are some who would rather not weigh their food and they work a successful program with just the “one plate rule.” These folks use a single plate or bowl for bounding their quantities and have a rule around going back for seconds. This can work, but this method may stall or slow weight loss, and can give us additional decisions to make at mealtime when our willpower is depleted.

I have used both methods, and while I use the one plate rule in restaurants, I am a huge fan of my digital food scale. Since I suffer from mental food chatter around quantities, it brings me so much serenity knowing that my meal is just right. Not too much, not too little.

There are two food plans in this program, one that is followed for weight loss and one that is followed for weight maintenance. I am now in the weight maintenance phase and have been for a while now, but unless otherwise noted, the recipes on this site follow the food plan for weight loss.

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