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About Katie’s Recipes

I eat according to a food plan that comes from a food-addiction recovery program. This food plan is broken into categories, and requires that our quantities food be weighed or measured. I use a digital food scale for this, which is why the measurements in this blog are usually given in ounces.


There are two food plans in this program, one that is followed for weight loss and one that is followed for weight maintenance. I am now in the weight maintenance phase and have been for a while now, but unless otherwise noted, the recipes on this site follow the food plan for weight loss.

DISCLAIMER: Katie’s Bright Kitchen is not a weight loss program and does not make any claims about health, nutrition, or weight-loss. These recipes are meant to support those ALREADY IN food addiction recovery programs. These recipes are NOT a substitute for these programs. If you are seeking recovery from food addiction, check out the following programs to see if one may work for you.

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