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Let me teach you how the Instant Pot can help you stick to your food plan and contribute to peaceful and delicious automaticity!

In case you missed it, I got an Instant Pot pressure cooker recently. My Bright Line Eating program was already pretty smooth and automatic, but the Instant Pot took things to a whole new level of simple and easy. I’m a big fan.

I put myself through a self-imposed Instant Pot boot camp (and created a cookbook) in order to learn how to use it. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, don’t worry, I’m going to return to other types of cooking right after I post this. 🙂

But first, let me share with you the fruits of that effort.

As far as I know, there are very few resources out there that combine the wonderful world of Instant Pot with the wonderful world of Bright Line Eating... until NOW!

Here you go! Enjoy! 🙂

Click HERE to download the Katie’s Bright Kitchen Instant Pot E-Cookbook for $12.


  • PDF w/ embedded links for easy navigation
  • Tips and FAQ for how the Instant Pot can support your Bright Line Eating journey
  • 40 Instant Pot recipes
  • All plant-based recipes
  • Most recipes ideal for batch cooking (3-4 servings)
  • No flour or sweeteners
  • Recipes broken down by food category
  • All recipes compliant w/ Bright Line Eating female weight loss food plan
  • Color images for every recipe

Adapting Recipes to Other Pressure Cooker Brands or Slow Cookers: These recipes should translate well to other pressure cooker brands or machines that perform a similar function to the Instant Pot. If you don’t have a pressure cooker and don’t want to, and you still want to try these recipes, here’s a guide on converting Instant Pot recipes to a slow cooker or crock pot. Most of the recipes in this book should adapt easily to a slow cooker


Special Thanks to my Fabulous Recipe Testers!

❤ Dawn P ❤ Rhonda M ❤ Mare M ❤ Wendy B ❤ Laurie W ❤ Donna P ❤ Karen K ❤ ❤ Dawn A ❤ Marian R ❤ Katie T ❤ Valerie F ❤ Lisa P ❤ Karen F ❤ Janelle J ❤ Becky F ❤ Angela D ❤ Pam B ❤ Linda S ❤ Stephanie ❤ Connie N ❤ Christine H ❤ Denise A ❤ Tracy L ❤ Michelle B ❤ Nadine ❤

And an Extra Special Thanks to…

❤ Isabel Gates (my mother) for her editing, love, and support! ❤


This e-book contains many mixed-category recipes like soups, stews, and one-pot dishes that may not work for everybody who weighs and measures their food. I’ve been as precise as possible with the quantities, but some people in food recovery need to keep their food even more simple. As always, please use your own judgement, don’t do anything that disrupts your peace and freedom with food, and honor your own susceptibility.

Katie’s Bright Kitchen is not a weight loss program and does not make any claims about health, nutrition, or weight loss. Katie’s Bright Kitchen recipes are not officially approved by Bright Line Eating™ or any other food recovery program. That said, they are compliant with the female weight loss food plan. These recipes are not a substitute for recovery programs.

These recipes are also not approved by Instant Pot™ or any other distributor of electric pressure cookers.

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