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Katie’s Bright Kitchen Maintenance Cookbook


Product Description: 

The host of the popular recipe blog Katie’s Bright Kitchen is back with this sequel and supplement to her original cookbook, designed for those who have found themselves in their right sized body and ready for their maintenance journey.

Katie’s Bright Kitchen Maintenance Cookbook is a collection of recipes specifically designed for those who are already experienced with a sugar-free, flour-free lifestyle and who eat measured quantities of food according to a food plan.

This cookbook features recipes that incorporate grain into lunches and dinners, and contain larger amounts of protein and grains for breakfasts than are generally permitted during a typical weight loss phase. The food categories and amounts provided are those of a typical female maintenance food plan.

I created two versions of the physical book, both are 6″ x 9″. One is a lighter, soft-cover book (to keep the cost down) and the other is a more durable hard-bound book. The content is exactly the same. There is also an ebook available via Lulu.com. Please note this is a fixed layout pdf and not a flowable e-book, although is viewable on any device or e-reader.

All versions include:

  • Over 75 Recipes
  • Mostly Plant-Based (a few recipes contain eggs)
  • No Sugar
  • No Sweeteners
  • No Flour
  • Recipes are broken down into food categories and specific amounts according to a typical female maintenance food plan
  • Color images for every recipe

Click HERE to purchase the Softcover version for $18.00

Click HERE to purchase the Hardcover version for $28.00

Click HERE to purchase the ebook (pdf) version for $12.00

This book is self-published, hosted through blurb.com. That means that they handle all the printing and shipping. Please note that it takes a couple of weeks from the time of ordering to the time of receiving the book in the mail. Good news to all my international friends and followers overseas, blurb does ship all over the world! Unfortunately the shipping costs are a little higher though… sorry about that.

Disclaimer: Katie’s Bright Kitchen is not a weight loss program and does not make any claims about health, nutrition, or weight-loss. Katie’s Bright Kitchen recipes are not officially approved by Bright Line Eating or any other food recovery program. That said, they are compliant with the female weight loss food plan. These recipes are not a substitute for recovery program, but they ARE a fabulous accompaniment to a recovery program! 

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