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What is Bright Line Eating?

Bright Line Eating is a way of eating, lifestyle and food movement. It operates on the neuroscience-based premise that for the large segment of the population, a moderation approach to eating and weight control just doesn’t work because our brains literally hijack our willpower and make our decisions for us without our conscious permission. For many of us who have struggled with food and weight, Bright Line Eating is a beacon of light offering a simple and powerful solution.

I think Bright Line Eating is best explained by it’s founder Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson (see video).

To read more about my experience with Bright Line Eating, click here.

To discover how susceptible you are to the addictive properties of refined foods, and to find out if Bright Line Eating might be a good fit for you, take this short susceptibility quiz. Research shows that about one-third of people are highly susceptible.

If you’re interested in Bright Line Eating’s Boot Camps (which I highly recommend!) or their other programs like their 14-Day Challenge, you can watch Susan’s free webinar HERE, or you can skip the informational videos and go straight to registration HERE.

The recipes on my website and in my cookbooks are written to support Bright Line Eaters and compliant with the female BLE food plans unless otherwise noted (which is why they are broken down the way that they are). While my content is not officially approved or supported by Bright Line Eating™, I am an experienced Bright Line Eater and take great care to make sure that my recipes are BLE-compliant and adhere to the quantities prescribed in the BLE food plans.

BLE-Friendly Cookbooks

Downloads & Other Resources

Beginner’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating

Beginner’s Guide to Plant-Based Eating

I’ve noticed that there aren’t very many resources out there supporting people with both cutting out sugar and flour successfully and deliciously and making the switch to a plant-based diet. . . .
14-Day Starter Package

14-Day Starter Package

This downloadable starter package contains a 14-Day meal plan and starter collection of recipes for a new Bright Line Eater. This is a perfect accompaniment to a 14-day challenge! . . .
Downloadable Journal Pages

Downloadable Journal Pages

I created downloadable PDFs for the pages of my Daily Commitment Journals so that they could be printed out and bound in creative and alternative ways. Also, it\’s way cheaper! . . .
All-in-One Journals

All-in-One Journals

At the beginning of my Bright Line Eating journey, I had a hard time juggling all the journaling and routines that were part of the program. So, I consolidated everything . . .

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