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Starter Package

14-Day Meal Plan & Starter Recipe Collection

This document is a 14-Day Meal Plan and starter collection of recipes for anybody who needs a little help getting started with this way of eating and for anyone who doesn’t want to buy my whole cookbook.

I chose my top 40 tastiest and easiest recipes from my repertoire and thoughtfully curated 2 weeks worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. These recipes also showcase a wide variety of flavors, basic cooking skills, and include a few “leftovers meals” to provide opportunities and advice on how to be creative with the random bits of produce that inevitably end up in the fridge. There are also several grocery lists including basic sugar-free, flour-free and plant-based pantry staples, and one grocery list for each week of the meal plan.

This document is designed to be a helpful accompaniment to Bright Line Eating’s 14-Day Challenge.


This Document Includes:

  • 14-Day Meal Plan
    • At-a-glance meal calendar with color photos
    • Printable meal calendar with text
  • Grocery Lists
    • Pantry Staples
    • Refrigerator Staples
    • Essential Spices & Seasonings
    • Week 1 Groceries
    • Week 2 Groceries
  • 40+ Easy, Delicious Recipes
    • Sugar & Sweetener–Free, Flour–Free, Plant–Based
    • Broken Down by Food Category
    • Food Weights & Measurements Given

Click HERE to purchase this digital download for $10. 

NOTE: Almost all of the recipes provided in this package are also included in my cookbook, so if you already have the Katie’s Bright Kitchen Cookbook, don’t expect any new recipes! However, the 14-Day Meal Plan and Grocery Lists are NEW content, and are not included in the cookbook. 

DISCLAIMER: This meal plan and these recipes are NOT officially approved by any weight loss or food-addiction recovery programs, including Bright Line Eating or 12-step programs. The recipes in this package are compliant with the female weight loss food plan used in Bright Line Eating which comes from 12-step programs. which you can find in Susan’s book or in Bright Line Eating’s 14-Day Challenge or Boot Camp. These recipes may not work for everyone in these programs or for everyone in recovery from food addiction. 

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