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What is Bright Line Eating?

First, let me quickly say that this page is about my own personal story and experience with Bright Line Eating. My blog and it’s content are not officially connected to or supported by Bright Line Eating. I don’t work for them and cannot provide official support or advice about their programs. I am a healthy food lover and blogger who likes to make and share recipes in her spare time. Bright Line Eating does not endorse my recipes.  

Bright Line Eating is a weight loss program and lifestyle founded by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. She explains it way better than I can.

I have been doing Bright Line Eating since October 2016. At the moment I’m writing this, 2 years into my sugar and flour free lifestyle, 70 lbs lighter and 1 year into maintaining my goal weight, I can say with 100% confidence that I will be able to easily and happily sustain this way of living for the rest of my life. My relationship with food has become truly peaceful, and the constant rigamarole of thoughts and concerns I used to have about my food and my weight are blissfully gone for good.

With all the extra bandwidth freed up that used to be consumed by eating and body issues, I have arrived in a wonderfully authentic, fulfilling and self-actualized season of life. Last year I took a leap of faith and went back to school to pursue a more fulfilling career direction. And as I watched those around me struggling to keep their head above water, chugging coffee and stress-eating, I found myself astonishingly happy and healthy, with more energy and bandwidth than ever before. I managed to go to school full time, remain committed to joyful exercise habits, maintain connected relationships, and pursue my new ceramics hobby. (Oh, and I kept this recipe blog and produced a cookbook). People were continually amazed at the seemingly superhuman life I was leading.

How did I get all of that energy and mental bandwidth you might ask? 😉

The answer is that my food was completely handled, automatically happening in the background of my life, taking up very little brain space, fueling and nourishing my brain and body, allowing me to focus on the things I care about. Eating well is my keystone habit, meaning that when my food is on track, the rest of my life clicks into place.

In this way, Bright Line Eating was the key for me in unlocking my life’s potential.

At this point in my journey, I’ve also learned so much about my own brain and susceptibility to food, and that knowledge has given me power.

It’s easy to see the idea of bright lines as restrictive and limiting, but I see them as the opposite. For me, bright lines are SO empowering. Initially, my bright lines were very strict. I put my blind faith and trust into Susan and participated wholeheartedly in my boot camp. It was important for me to do so, in order to get my excess weight off and learn the lessons that bright lines had to teach me about how my brain and body reacts when I eat certain foods. 2 years in, I’ve internalized these lessons of bright lines so well that my program has gained quite a bit of flexibility in the long-term dance of maintenance, and today I couldn’t be more sane with my food and eating habits.

How much food flexibility our brains can tolerate depends entirely on our Susceptibility Score. I’m a big believer in this metric. I’m a 7 on the scale, and as a mid-ranger I can be successful with slightly looser guidelines, such as the one-plate-rule rather than weighing and measuring, and I do fine with certain “grey area” foods and beverages because I have learned where my own tolerance is and figured out where my own personal boundaries need to be.

If you are at all curious about BLE, the first step is to take the Susceptibility Quiz to find out if you have the kind of brain that would benefit from Bright Line Eating. This key piece of information may very well be the game changer that alters the course of the obesity epidemic forever. After taking the quiz you will be directed straight to the first video in the Food Freedom Series where you will learn all about the science behind BLE.

As someone who has struggled with food insanity, I’m here to tell you that food SANITY is a dream come true and I will be forever grateful to Susan and her Bright Line Eating team for this beautiful gift.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.





Left: Oct 2016 – 200 lb  Right: June 2017, 130 lb

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