What is Bright Line Eating?

Bright Line Eating is a way of eating, lifestyle and food movement, created by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. For many people who have struggled with food, eating, and weight, Bright Line Eating is a beacon of light offering a simple and powerful solution.

This amazing program is where I began my healing journey with food, even though I no longer need to adhere to strict bright lines to feel peaceful with my eating. I created many of the resources on this blog specifically to support Bright Line Eaters, which is why the recipes are broken down by food category and weight.

Bright Line Eating is probably best explained by its founder, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. Watch the video below for a great overview of the program including who it’s well suited for.

To discover how susceptible you are to the addictive properties of refined foods, and to find out if Bright Line Eating might be a good fit for you, you can take their short susceptibility quiz below. Research shows that about one-third of people are highly susceptible.

Click HERE to take the BLE Susceptibility Quiz

If you’re interested in one of Bright Line Eating’s programs like their Boot Camps (which I highly recommend!) or 14-Day Challenge, you can watch Susan’s free webinar below or you can go straight to registration using the links below. To read more about my journey with Bright Line Eating, you can check out my blog.

Click HERE to Learn More about BLE’s Boot Camps

Click HERE to Register for a BLE Boot Camp

Click HERE to Register for the BLE 14-Day Challenge

While my content is not officially approved or supported by Bright Line Eating™, I am an experienced Bright Line Eater and take great care to make sure that my recipes are BLE-compliant and adhere to the quantities prescribed in the BLE food plans. I hope you find my site to be useful!