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What is Bright Line Eating?

Bright Line Eating is best explained by it’s founder Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson.

Bright Line Eating is a way of eating, lifestyle and food movement with the premise that for the segment of the population who eats addictively, moderation just doesn’t work because our brains hijack our willpower and make our decisions for us against our better judgement. For many of us who have struggled with food and weight, Bright Line Eating is a beacon of light offering a simple and powerful solution.

41aj4e6dtl-_sy346_ Just like a recovering alcoholic doesn’t drink and someone who has quit smoking doesn’t smoke, the four “Bright Lines” that we adopt and do not cross are:

  • No Sugar
  • No Flour
  • 3 Meals A Day, No Snacks
  • Weigh and Measure Quantities

The recipes on this blog closely adhere to the food plans followed in this program, and are meant to be adaptable to a variety of individual Bright Line Eating food plans. We weigh and measure our food precisely in BLE, which is why many of the recipes involve precise weighed amounts and are organized by food category. They should be easy to follow for any new or seasoned Bright Line Eater.

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The following is an excerpt from Bright Line Eating’s Website:

“Bright Line Eating is very structured and takes a liberating stand against moderation. We adopt an addiction model, because for many people, eating even a small amount of an addictive food doesn’t make the craving go away—it makes it worse. Bright Line Eating facilitates a paradigm-like identity shift necessary for people to stick with it long-term, get all the way down to goal weight, and happily, gleefully, stay there.”

Is your brain “wired” for food addiction? Are you highly susceptible to the addictive properties of food? Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson has created a simple 5 question quiz that will help you discover how susceptible you may be to the addictive properties of refined foods. Research shows that one-third of people are highly susceptible.

Click HERE to take this short quiz and find out if you’re one of them.


To learn more about Bright Line Eating, check out brightlineeating.com and Susan’s blog.